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SOCIALISM: The Game Press Kit

This year's Presidential election has re-ignited a debate unlike any in American history.  What would America look like under socialism? We don't know,
but we developed a satirical version of Monopoly to find out. We call it SOCIALISM: The GameJoin Hillary and Bernie as they nickel and dime our nation into SOCIALISM! 

Yes, this game is packed with jokes, but there is also the hint of an educational aspect that answers Bret Stephens' call to action in his May 16, 2016 Wall Street Journal article "What is Socialism, Dad?"

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What's changed?

The object of SOCIALISM is to achieve total fairness and equality through the renting and selling of property under a modern, progressive, and populist public policy. The game consists of:

  • An enlightened rulebook
  • A quick-reference card
  • New game tokens
  • 20 “Fat Chance” cards
  • 20 “Communism Chest” cards

The current state of the 2016 presidential elections is unlike anything in recent history. Our board game lightens the mood, adding some much-needed humor to an otherwise divisive election. We also satirize one of the country's most cherished board games in the process. Our Kickstarter has just opened for funding, and we invite you to add your voice before it's too late and the Press is tamped down by oppressive free market imperialism


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